Thursday, December 29, 2011

Welcome to my Website

Hello Everyone, and welcome to Teensy Couture blogspot.  I currently work on a joint blog with a good friend of mine called A Sprinkle of This.  I have had my ETSY shop now for about a year.  When I first opened it, I called myself Mama's Sew Ripped.  I recently changed it for various reasons.  Some of you may be familiar with the previous name, but if you know me, I like change, and being difficult, so here we go again! 

So, a little bit about myself...

I currently live in Ballwin, MO.  It is a town just outside of St. Louis.  I was born and raised in Pensacola, FL.  After a couple attempts at college life...Florida State University, and University of West Florida, I decided to go out and "Get A Real Job".  Ha!  Funny right.  I loved the work I did for about a year with the US Pro Wakeboard and Waterski Tour in Orlando, FL.  I traveled around the US and Canada during the spring and summer months doing promotions work for the tour.  It had its ups and downs...mostly ups!  But after a year of actually working my tushie off, I decided to send myself back to school.  That's when I moved to Tampa, FL to finish up at the University of South Florida...GO BULLS!  This is where I met my husband.

Hubby is in the United States Coast Guard.  Three months after we were married we were transferred to Cape Canaveral, FL where I began teaching for 2 years.  I also had my first child, boy "A".  Then hubby was sent off doing drug and migrant patrol for the USCG.  He was gone 6 months out of the year.  It was tough at first, a learning curve, but manageable.  Once I had our second child, daughter "E", we were shipped off again.  This time to Go Ole St. Louis, MO.  Super scary since I had only seen snow the year before in Arkansas.  Huge adjustment. 

So that brings us here.  After about 6 months of searching endlessly for a teaching job here, I decided to pick up a new hobby.  HA!  Hobby.  Hubby will laugh at that one.  I went out, bought a $150 sewing machine from Wal-Mart, and got on You Tube.  I am 100% self taught...with the help of my buddy over at Sprinkle of This...and a couple tips from my mom...a supermom herself!  After burning through 3 sewing machines in a year and a half, I decided to actually put my money where my HOBBY was and get me a good one!  This time I bought my first baby...a Husqvarna Viking Emerald 118.  The week after, my yard sale serger bit the dust and I bought my second baby...a Husqvarna Viking H Class 200S.  I am hoping to trade up for some of the Embroidery Models, but until then, they get the job done! 

So hopefully I can bring you some helpful insights into sewing and crafting as well as some great links to some other sites I frequently visit.  There is a wide array of FREE tutorials and patterns out there just waiting to be found.  So go play!  Also, visit some of the sites I have linked on the sidebar that are GREAT GREAT blogs and websites I use daily!

Talk to you soon!

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