My name is Jillian Davis, and I am the sole founder and writer of this blog, however, I hope to offer guest appearances as well as links weekly to others sites.   
 I’m in my mid-30s, married, and have 2 young children, 4 1/2 year old girl (E),  and 7 year old (A).  My husband is in the US Coast Guard and currently on deployment in Antarctica.  We move every 2-4 years and have been at this for 15 years now.  I received my BA degree from USF in Tampa, FL where I specialized in Criminal Justice.  After graduating and marrying I decided to get my Florida teaching degree.  I taught 3rd grade for 2 years.  After being moved to St. Louis from Florida I was unable to find teaching work and decided to take up the hobby of sewing. 
I bought my 1st sewing machine from Wal-Mart that cost me $75.  I spent many days and nights scouring the Internet for information on how to get started and what else I needed.  It was a bit overwhelming at first and this is why I feel it necessary to begin at the start with my blog.  I began sewing a few little skirts for my then 4 month old daughter. 
 One day while searching through Jo-Ann’s miles of fabric I ran into a lady who asked my advice.  Strangely she asked if I could do some skirts for her boutique.  This is where it all started.  She would provide me with the fabric and her design and I would in turn whip out 3 of each size, 12m-8.  I got very good at being proficient.  I was able to branch out from skirts and work on dresses, shirts, blankets, you name it.  I grew my extensive library of printed patterns as well as e patterns and tutorials.  This is when I decided to buy my serger.  That was another on taking.  Then my machine broke.  So I bought another from Wal-Mart .  This cycle went on for about a year until I went through 3 machines and 1 serger in a years’ time.  WOW.  I then turned to the professional world and got my first Husqvarna sewing machine and serger. 
 This is when I decided to begin my own line called Teensy Couture.  After a few months living in Seattle at this time I was approached by a boutique in NY called Giavanna’s Closet who wanted me to do some work for her.  Since I had more experience and knowledge by then my prices went up.  I now own 2 sewing machines, a baby lock and singer, a brother embroidery machine, a singer serger and a Husqvarna serger.  My work has gotten much more meticulous and precise.  My ideas grown daily and my mind never stops. 
In addition to all this I also volunteer at both my son’s 1st grade class as the room coordinator and volunteer and substitute at my daughters preschool.  I currently offer made to order custom clothing and special orders.  I am available to offer any help and have taken numerous workshops and classes since I started. 

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