Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How to Make A Fabric Bow for Clothing

I have a lot of outfits that have sashes on them, but sometimes, you just want the bow and not the added sash.  I came up with a great ways to make these PERFECTLY every time.  Here's how...
Materials for bow maker:
2x4 scrap wood
2 wooden dowels
drill bit the size of your wooden dowels
Materials for bow:
fabric scraps
machine or needle
Bow Maker instructions:
Take your 2x4 and find your center.  From there measure out from the center point 1", 2", 3"(and so on) on either side.  Drill a hole using your drill bit about 1" deep at each point. Depending on what size you would like to make your bow, place each dowel in the appropriate hole.  If you want your  bow to be 8" in width, place each dowel in the 4" mark on each side.
To make the bow: 
Decide how large you want your bow to be first.  Add about 2"-3" for the knot in the middle. 
For example: 
A bow that is 8" across, and has tails that are 10" long:  8" + 10 * 2+ 3 (knot) = 31" long
Keep in mind this is not an exact science :)
I wanted my bow to be 2.5" wide
so I cut my fabric 31" x 5 1/4" (1/4" seam allowance folded in half = 2.5")
Now fold your fabric in half (right sides together) length way and iron. 
Cut a 45 degree angle on the end from the raw edge to the bottom corner folded point.
Now sew up the entire length of the bow pivoting at each point and leaving a 2" opening to turn in the middle.
Clip your corners before you turn so that it makes a nice point.
Turn your bow right side out and iron completely.  If you'd like, Top stitch at this point to keep the bow crisp.  If you are going for a more floppy look, I wouldn't suggest you top stitch.
Now to tie the bow using the bow maker you made!
Take your bow and wrap it around both dowels leaving the left side slightly longer than the other.
Cross the left side over the right.
Take the tail that is now on the right and cross it under the fabric that is wrapped around the dowels.
Pull each tail tight at this point.
Now cross the tail at the top OVER your bow to the bottom.
Cross your left tail under the right tail and over the top of it and loop it back through the same tail making a knot.

This is what it should look like now.
 Finally, sew the finished know with a needle and thread to keep it from coming untied.
You can choose to sew the bow directly to the fabric or use a sew on snap to the bow and the dress.  I like to use the snaps so I can wash them separately. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Finally Home...with no stuff!

I've been on the road to Seattle for quite some time now.  First we stopped by Mount Rushmore for a couple of days.  That was amazing for my husband and I.  My kids just liked to throw rocks.  If you ever go, you should definitely go to the night lighting.  The movie and ceremony they held was wonderful.  Then they light up the monument in the evening dusk and it was magical.  At the end, they invited all active duty and retired military to the stage.  They filled it up and then some.  They all received a standing ovation and had a few of them take down the flag and fold it.  It was concluded with each of them telling their name and branch they served.  2 of the gentlemen were WWII veterans and 2 of them were in Vietnam.  How amazing it was to see our men and women standing so proudly under 4 of our nations greatest presidents. 

The day out, we took the Wildlife Loop Roadlocated in Custer State Park.  We were actually stopped for a while to allow a herd of Bison come through, more like up, the road while cars stopped on both sides of the road to allow them to pass.  If I stuck my arm out the window I would've touched a lot of them...but thinking smartly, I didn't!  My kids favorite part was coming up on a bunch of wild donkeys.  Our windows were all rolled down and within seconds each window was filled with a donkey's head trying to get whatever food they could.  My kids were eating pretzels, which they decided to feed them, and that seemed to make them happy and they were on their way.  It took us about 15 minutes to get out of there after that since they all assumed my kids were giving out free pretzels and we were bombarded with the rest of the herd. 

After that, we took the trip on the road again over to Yellowstone National Park
This was a 3 day excursion that could have easily been a week long.  We were able to fit it all in though.  While we were at the mud volcanoes it started snowing...in June!  I couldn't believe it!  Amongst all the heat and steam popping up, there were flurries of snow falling down amongst it all.  Very cool! 
My favorite stop there was the Grand Prismatic Spring at the Midway Geyser Basin.  The colors were simply STUNNING to say the least.  They are formed by a bacterial that only grows in this one place in the world.  I felt like I was on a different planet. 
The kids took part in the Junior Ranger Program that they hold for all National parks throughout the US.  To become a Junior Ranger, the kids are given free 12-page activity paper that you can get at any Yellowstone visitor center. Only children visiting the park can complete the requirements necessary to earn the patch. After completing the age appropriate requirements described on the last page of the paper and reviewing their work with a ranger at any visitor center, the kids were awarded an official Yellowstone Junior Ranger patch.  The Ranger stopped everyone in the station and announced they were to be sworn in.  They had to repeat after the Ranger with their hand held high.  They were BEAMING! 

We saw tons of Wildlife, including, bears, both black and grizzly, elk, bison, a huge wolf, a marmot, numerous chipmunks, really cute ground squirrels, osprey, and my son's favorite, a mountain goat.  So fun for all of us.  We each had our own binoculars to use. 
And of course, you can't leave out Old Faithful.  We got there in plenty of time to see it, but after I locked the keys in the car, time was running out.  Thank goodness that I did it in the biggest tourist spot in Yellowstone and they actually had a car repair place there.  So $55 later, we were walking down to see her blow! 

Next we were on our way to our new home in Seattle....well, the hotel that we stayed in for 10 days until we found a home.  After day 6 I was getting a bit freaked out and frustrated and had a breakdown.  I was just sure we'd end up in an apartment with no yard and no place for me to continue with my ETSY boutique.  On the 8th day, we found a place that we thought would work, but were not too excited about.  We rushed back to the hotel to fill out the applications, which cost us $86, and faxed it in.  Later that night we had one more appointment to look at a house in Issaquah, WA (about 10 miles east of the city).  The house was on a private drive and sat on 1.2 acres of land.  From the second we got there my kids were in LOVE!  I didn't see them the entire time we were there.  The house had plenty of room for all of our things as well as a finished room in the basement for both my studio and the kids playroom.  I was HOOKED from the second we arrived.  And to seal the deal, the neighbor came down with her 3 year old to say hello to us.  So for a second time that day, we filled out the necessary application, this time only costing us $40, and pulled our applications from the first place.  By the next afternoon we had a house to call home.  Only one problem...we moved in on the 1st of July, but the movers couldn't get our stuff to us until the 11th.  YUCK!  Oh well, we went ahead with it anyway.  And now we are living in the fabulous house with 4 folding camping chairs, a computer, which we just got Internet yesterday, and 3 blow up mattresses.  We did buy a grill on the 4th for a BBQ.  That was interesting. 

So to make a long story even longer...I will not be receiving my machines until the 11th and after that probably will be unpacking for a few days before I can actually get back to work.  So sorry for any inconveniences that I have caused for people who are wanting to purchase items from the shop, but this was definitely not planned.  I will send a new post out the moment I am up and running...which is hopefully soon!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012


If you have never stopped by A Pocket Full of Buttons blog then you are definitely missing out!  She is one of the most creative people I've ever known.  Not only does she sew, but she is a photographer too.  You should see this girl go with all the SUPER fun Bento ideas too.  I have no idea how she does it all.

So I asked her to do a review of my clothing and host a giveaway on her site.  It closes in 7 days...so HURRY UP!!!!!!  The winner will receive a gift certificate for $30 to my ETSY shop.  That can go a long way if you're just looking for accessories.  I also offer boys clothing, ties, and belts. 

Check out the giveaway at A Pocket Full Of Buttons to enter.

Good Luck!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Brother Sister Outfits

I have offered one brother and sister matching outfits in the past and had a TON of feedback for more...so here is the first of many to be launched this month on my ETSY site.  Both are aqua and white Seersucker fabric with Kona White Cotton Trim and Sash.  The dress will also be available alone, in different fabrics, and as a pattern. 

The Dress:
The dress is 88" around...in case you are unaware of what that means....SUPER FULL!  It is gathered by 3/4" elastic at the chest leaving a small ruffle at the top.  The straps are 2" wide and can be moved in or out depending on your child's chest size.  There is a ruffle bordered bottom that can be left out, ruffled, or sewn as a band.  So many options.  This dress is also a version of the Thea Tunic that I have had in my shop for months.  The sash is 4" wide and attached at the side so the bow is tied a bit off center and full! It is simple yet Elegant!   Perfect for summertime!

The Boys shirt:
This is a classic button down collar shirt.  It can be made with or without a front pocket.  The collar is attached with a collar stand that is completely top stitched to help with wear and washing.  The shirt has 4 or 5 button on the front, depending on the size.  Your little man will look absolutely handsome in this striking and handsome shirt!

I will update when there is more outfits in the shop as well as the patterns.  Enjoy! By the way...Aren't the models just the CUTEST!~!~!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday's Fabulous Finds @ Craft Jr

I know this isn't sewing related, but I do partake in a TON of crafts.  The weather here in St. Louis has been amazing and all the tulips are out and trees are full.  I have been planting all my fresh herbs that I've been growing inside for a few weeks.  I really wanted to put some nice plant markers in them, but just couldn't find the ones I wanted to use.  So I finally found this tutorial and Free Printable from Craft Jr.

This is what hers looks like...
Pinned Image

I've had mine sitting this morning, and will update with pictures when they finally dry. 

Have fun...this weekend is all about planting for me!  The sewing machine is just going to have to be patient. :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

So March has been an amazingly busy month.  The first weekend was my little girls 3rd birthday, followed by Spring Break and a visit from 6 of our family members, and ending with a boutique fashion show that I was helping sew things for.  So now that I can breathe, I thought I'd share with you some of the photos from the birthday party. 

We took my little one and 2 of her friends to the Salon for manicures and pedicures and princess updo's.  They were so happy to be the center of attention!

Then we came home to the princess party!   There was A LOT of Tulle. 

The Cupcakes were purple with Hot Pink icing.  Of course there had to be a tutu cupcake stand as well.  I ran out of time to do the cupcake wrappers, so I ordered them from this ETSY store.

 These were the gift bags I made for the girls as well.  They were filled with lip gloss, nail polish, rings, bracelets, candy ring pops, and stickers.
I also had each girl Petal Filled Tutus and matching boas, a princess wand, and tiara to wear.

So all in all, they had a blast and felt like princesses.  The girls are still talking about it.  Its so much easier to plan a party when there are only 3 kids.