Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How to Make A Fabric Bow for Clothing

I have a lot of outfits that have sashes on them, but sometimes, you just want the bow and not the added sash.  I came up with a great ways to make these PERFECTLY every time.  Here's how...
Materials for bow maker:
2x4 scrap wood
2 wooden dowels
drill bit the size of your wooden dowels
Materials for bow:
fabric scraps
machine or needle
Bow Maker instructions:
Take your 2x4 and find your center.  From there measure out from the center point 1", 2", 3"(and so on) on either side.  Drill a hole using your drill bit about 1" deep at each point. Depending on what size you would like to make your bow, place each dowel in the appropriate hole.  If you want your  bow to be 8" in width, place each dowel in the 4" mark on each side.
To make the bow: 
Decide how large you want your bow to be first.  Add about 2"-3" for the knot in the middle. 
For example: 
A bow that is 8" across, and has tails that are 10" long:  8" + 10 * 2+ 3 (knot) = 31" long
Keep in mind this is not an exact science :)
I wanted my bow to be 2.5" wide
so I cut my fabric 31" x 5 1/4" (1/4" seam allowance folded in half = 2.5")
Now fold your fabric in half (right sides together) length way and iron. 
Cut a 45 degree angle on the end from the raw edge to the bottom corner folded point.
Now sew up the entire length of the bow pivoting at each point and leaving a 2" opening to turn in the middle.
Clip your corners before you turn so that it makes a nice point.
Turn your bow right side out and iron completely.  If you'd like, Top stitch at this point to keep the bow crisp.  If you are going for a more floppy look, I wouldn't suggest you top stitch.
Now to tie the bow using the bow maker you made!
Take your bow and wrap it around both dowels leaving the left side slightly longer than the other.
Cross the left side over the right.
Take the tail that is now on the right and cross it under the fabric that is wrapped around the dowels.
Pull each tail tight at this point.
Now cross the tail at the top OVER your bow to the bottom.
Cross your left tail under the right tail and over the top of it and loop it back through the same tail making a knot.

This is what it should look like now.
 Finally, sew the finished know with a needle and thread to keep it from coming untied.
You can choose to sew the bow directly to the fabric or use a sew on snap to the bow and the dress.  I like to use the snaps so I can wash them separately. 

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