Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year/New Start...Back to Basics-Sewing Tools

Since we've begun a new and exciting year, I thought I'd back up and start at the beginning.  For those of you who have been sewing for a while most of this is old news for you, but it wouldn't hurt to brush up on your sewing tool knowledge. 

Today I want to make sure we just list the basic tool categories for machine sewing that we will need .  Each day I will to go into detail a little about each category by listing the tools that are necessary and some that are helpful.  Please feel free to leave a comment if I've left anything off.  However, you will find with each post I will cover a bunch of things. 

Tools for Machine Sewing

1.  Machines
2.  Rulers and measuring tools
3.  Scissors and Cutting Tools
4.  Tracing and Marking Tools
5.  Pins and Needles
6.  Thread
7.  Bobbin
8.  Pressing Tools

You will see in the days to come that there are tons of information and tools under each of these categories.  I will tell you briefly about each one and if you absolutely need it or if its just good to have. 

Join me tomorrow as I talk in detail about Scissors.  I recently got some new scissors for Christmas and realize how much easier my work has been since I got them. 

Thank you for taking to time to read and as always, please feel free to contact me via email or in the comment section below. 

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